Welcome to GOLDGENIC

Who We Are

GOLDGENIC Co.,Ltd  is a Hong Kong based third party service provider focusing on sourcing and order management. It evolved in order to comfortably guide and thoroughly assist customers in their growth toward a  full global procurement expansion .


Through its supplier network, operations systems, customer relationships, and distributions platforms, GOLDGENIC removes the growing pains of starting, developing and sustaining global procurement in a foreign country, with a focus on China and the Asia Pacific region.

Our knowledge of  sourcing and the global procurement service and how it fits into supply chain management  is the key to the collaborative success for both our retail customers and our company. This unique knowledge is transferred to our valued customers to reach new levels of overall procurement success , avoid commonly made amateur mistakes, and ultimately increase profits back home.


Operating with a  boutique service concept , we pride ourselves in working with only select exclusive customers on which we focus dedicated teams each catering exclusively to their needs.

Located in the key manufacturing centres of the Asia Pacific region, GOLDGENIC is committed to providing  full logistical coverage, third party services, education and consultancy  on all aspects of global procurement.


Our team of senior specialists includes individuals from different countries. We have demonstrated many years of global shopping experience in Asia Pacific, and are now focused on educating and training the next generation of global shopping talent.