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Our Values

Our Values

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: GOLDGENIC is a company of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Therefore, all of us strive to demonstrate entre (intra) preneurship in our way to work and interact with each other by being accountable, flexible, keen in taking measured risk and enjoying benefits, being quick and responsive, taking our decisions and solving problems effectively. We do all of this with a high level of integrity.

Genuine Care: We genuinely care for every stakeholder involved with the company. This includes: Government, Clients, Colleagues and Partners.

Resourcefulness: We do with what we have. We find ingenious ways to provide solutions for our clients and to make the most of our limited resources.

Effective Communication: We maintain a culture of open and effective communications. We listen to each other and we dare to express our ideas and feelings in a constructive manner. This help us to enjoy working together and earns us the trust of our colleagues and clients.

Sustainability: Aligned with our vision, we strive to build a sustainable business that benefits all our stakeholders. To achieve this we need to build long term profitability, maintain the happiness of our people and act in the best interest of environment and communities in which we operate.

Fun: If there is no fun in it, what’s the point of doing it!